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Trent Valley DA

Youth & Junior Camping Sections


Are you aged between 12 &18 years old? Would you like to camp with like minded youth, have fun, make long lasting friendships & learn to independently camp? Then Camping Club Youth is the place for you! Come along and give it a try.  CCY & CCJ camping takes place through year, yes even throughout winter! Most DA's or sections have a youth section which organise weekends with your own dedicated camping area. However not every meet has a supervised CCY or CCJ area, we will always advertise in advance when and where these are available.

If you're unsure, or want more details? Speak to our Youth Leaders Mark & Sally Taylor at any camping meet, or email: - they will give you any help and advice you need.


You will have the opportunity to take your youth test before your 18th birthday and if you pass, allows you to continue with the privileges of a Youth member until you are 21.
An added bonus is if you continue to be a Camping & Caravanning Club member you get reduced membership fees until you are 30.
The Youth test comprises of camping skills such as pitching & erecting a tent, the use of stoves, map reading, first aid etc.

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Central Counties organise two Youth Rallies, one in the winter and one in the summer.
At each meet there are sports and trophies to be won.
The winter meet sports are all indoors and usually consist of darts, dominos and pool. There is normally a trip to the local bowling alley during the Saturday afternoon, with a nice hot meal when you return.
The summer rally includes 5 aside football, volleyball, netball and fun sports.

You also have the opportunity to attend the National Youth Rally where you have the chance to make friends with youth members from other parts of the UK.

For more information on joining the CCY, contact our youth leaders by email to   and they will be in touch.

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All Youth Leaders, assistants and testers are all accredited by The Camping and Caravanning Club and have been vetted through the criminal records bureau. They must also carry Camping & Caravanning Club endorsed photo identification.

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Dear All CCY members and Parents / Guardians

Firstly let us introduce ourselves to you – we are Mark and Sally Taylor, Trent Valley DA's Youth Leaders.

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We are hoping to arrange activities at certain weekends subject to availability and location.

Where possible we will post information on the website prior to the weekend. Some weekend’s activities may arise on the spur of the moment so as a precaution be prepared.

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The MBR Youth Trophy is dedicated to the memory of Malcolm Roberts by his family. Malcolm was a life long camper, and this trophy is awarded to an individual youth member who shows outstanding qualities throughout the year.

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To help all CCY enjoy independent camping in the CCY area can we please ask that ALL are aware of the following,

Rules of Camping:

1. ALL CCY must be booked in with the CCY Leaders prior to pitching their tents in the area. ANY non CCY or non-booked CCY will be asked to leave the area.
2. NO alcohol allowed within the CCY area. 
3. NO smoking is allowed within the CCY area.
4. All CCY camping must be back in the area by 11.15pm.
5. Any CCY wishing to cook by their tents must ensure they follow the six metre rule in pitching away from other units
6. The CCY area is monitored by the CCY leaders but ultimately the responsibility of your children remains solely with the parents/guardians - you must make sure you know the whereabouts of your children at all times.
7. Any behaviour that is not within keeping of the 'Family Club' ethos will not be tolerated. 
8. Anyone found under the influence of alcohol will be removed and taken back to their parents/guardians.

9. Any CCY members that do not comply with any of the above may be asked to leave the CCY area and could be excluded from future CCY events.

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Are you aged kids between 8 & 11 years old?

We actively encourage younger campers as a means of fostering interest in camping at an early age.

The CCJ section is a natural stepping stone for progression into the CCY group, and our CCJ Leaders Lesley & Charles are happy to discuss any concerns you may have. Either speak to them any of our camping meets or email:

CCY & CCJ camping takes place through year, yes even throughout winter!

However not every meet has a supervised CCY or CCJ area, we will always advertise in advance when and where these are available.

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