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It is with sincere regret that Trent Valley DA announces that Deb Bradshaw

Has chosen to step down with immediate effect from her position as Chairperson for personal reasons.

Therefore until the DA’s AGM on 2nd March 2019, the position of DA Chairperson will be taken by Trevor Harrison. 

The Committee, and me are sure all of our members, would like to say a big Thank You to Deb for her Chairmanship, who in the past has covered various roles on the Committee and has shown commitment to Trent Valley DA over the past years.

We look forward to seeing her on a camping field very soon.

Thank you.

Trent Valley DA Committee
6 November 2018

Advanced Notice

Trent Valley Da

Annual General Meeting

Saturday 2nd Of March 2019

Time 2pm Prompt

Calverton Miners Welfare (Top Club)
Hollinwood Lane
NG14 6NR

Please Note :-

Notices of Motions and Nominations for the Committee must be sent
To Hon Secretary

Mrs C Crick
20 Redland Close

Which Must be Recieved by Tuesday 1st Of January 2019.

New Date Submitted and posted 9th October 2018.

Date Notice Originally Posted 19th September 2018.



Please note: Until further notice ALL campers are requested to follow the following temporary safety ruling;


Normal coal/charcoal bbqs will be allowed UNLESS LANDOWNERS TELLS US OTHERWISE. These must be raised off the ground and must have a fire bucket within easy reach when in use. When finished with these must be doused with water to ensure all embers are completely out.

Gas bbqs will be allowed UNLESS LANDOWNERS TELLS US OTHERWISE. These must also raised off the ground and must have a fire bucket within easy reach when in use.  

Smokers are requested to ensure all cigarette ends are fully extinguished.

If any unit attends any TVDA meet without a fire bucket or fire extinguisher - the members will be requested to go and buy either as soon as possible after setting up.

All campers are requested to remain vigilant during this current dry weather and take all precautions against fire risk.

We are sure you understand our safety concerns.


Thank you for your cooperation.



Trent Valley DA

Date Posted 19th July 2018

CCR 2020

Trent Valley DA is looking to form a full sub-committee to oversee the organising and running of the 2020 Central Counties Regional Meet.

This sub-committee must be formed by 31st July 2018.

Please email your interest by the date given above in the first instance to:

Thank You

Trent Valley DA

Date Posted 3rd July 2018


Notice to all members of Trent Valley Da and the Camping and Caravanning Club

Green Paper 1.18 (Version 7) March 2017

The Use of Chinese Lanterns and Drones

The Clubs Policy is that the flying of Chinese Lanterns and Drones are not permitted to be released or Flown from or over any sites including sites being operated by District associations under any circumstances

Trent Valley Da will not tolerate this rule being broken under any circumstances

Deb (Chairperson) Trent Valley Da


Notice Re Extra Adults

Notice to all members of Trent Valley Da and the Camping and Caravanning Club

At our Monthly committee meeting which was held on 1st of February 2016

It was decided by the current Committee that charges would apply to all extra adults at all meets @ a cost of £2.50 per night

and we also agreed that all extra adults must also produce a current membership card.

Deb ( Chairperson ) Trent Valley Da

Visitors in Marquee

Over the past year or so I am glad to say that as a DA have been becoming more
successful concerning the number of members we have camping especially at meets
where we organise entertainment, because of this we have had to make the decision to
restrict access to any Hall or our Marquee to Campers only on certain meets throughout
the year. Visitors are still welcomed on the site during the day to visit but because we
have limited space we will have to do this so that our campers can have priority.

we are having to put restrictions on Visitors in the Marquee.

we do reserve the right to make decisions on the actual weekend
if we think it is going to be a potential problem. We will also put notices on the Marquee.

Please support us in this as we are doing this for everyone’s comfort.
Thank you.


CCY Members

Need to bring their membership cards with them at all times.

Club Reminder

Any person who camps on a Rally MUST be a fully paid up Camping and Caravanning Club Member.

A camping unit as defined by the Camping and Caravanning Club themselves is one couple
and however many children they have, whether it is 1 or 12.
A family unit is covered by the fee paid to the stewards on entry to the rally.

An Associate Member is someone who is connected to a family unit they do not need to pay an extra fee, with the exception of certain meets which are highlighted in yellow.
The Associate member camps under the same membership number as the Family unit.
The number is printed on their individual membership card.
Members are only allowed one associate member per membership.

Everything mentioned before has not been decided by the committee these are the rules
that all Camping and Caravanning Club members need to adhere to throughout the Club.


Rule for the use of generators at TVDA meets.

- Generators may be used with the steward’s permission, please advise the Steward beforehand
if a generator is needed to be used outside these times so that you can be sited to one side
so as not to cause nuisance to others.

- Generators may only be used between the hours of 10am and 6pm.

- For a maximum of 2 hours, in total during the permitted hours.

- Only when the owner is in attendance, generators found to be running and no one is in attendance
the steward has the backing of the Committee to turn it off.

- They must be sited to cause the least possible disturbance to other people.

- The stewards may ask that excessively noisy or smelly generators
be switched off at any time, or if it is causing a nuisance.

- In exceptional circumstances, or in an emergency, the stewards may give permission for
generators to be run out side these times, e.g. to run essential medical equipment.

- The stewards and committee may authorise generators to be run at any time
between 0700 & 2300, if this is necessary to run TVDA equipment or events.

- Failure to comply with the above, the steward with the full backing of the Committee,
have the right to ask that the member leave the site.

The DA’s Generator is exempt from the above rules.


Please note from 11th July 2011:
TVDA will not accept a cheque for a weekend meet or a THS.

However if it is a prepaid booking and the cheque will be cleared before the due date
of camping then we will accept a cheque on those conditions.

This is due to changes in Bank protocol regarding cheques,
and unfortunately this is the course we have to take... sorry for any inconvenience.